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Code Of Conduct

We are a private, member’s only nudist resort which consists of campsites, accommodations, and a Club Area. Relax and have fun! Our rules are for the safety and comfort of our guests. We hope you enjoy your visit and return often!

Corona Virus / Covid-19 Rules

We at Eden RV Resort want to keep everyone safe and healthy during these trying times.  Show respect and consideration for your fellow club members by acting responsibly. 

Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is reported to be extremely contagious. The state of medical knowledge is evolving, but the virus is believed to spread from person-to-person contact and/or by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, and even possibly in the air. People reportedly can be infected and show no symptoms and therefore spread the disease. The exact methods of spread and contraction are unknown, and there is no known treatment, cure, or vaccine for COVID-19. Evidence has shown that COVID-19 can cause serious and potentially life-threatening illness and even death.

Slow and Steady LLC, dba Eden RV Resort (Eden) cannot prevent you [or your child(ren)] from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while utilizing Eden’s services or premises. It is not possible to prevent against the presence of the disease. Therefore, if you choose to utilize Eden’s services and/or enter onto Eden’s premises you may be exposing yourself to and/or increasing your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.


ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I have read and understood the above warning concerning COVID-19. I hereby choose to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 for myself and/or my children in order to utilize Eden’s services and facilities and enter Eden’s premises. These services are of such value to me [and/or to my children,] that I accept the risk of being exposed to, contracting, and/or spreading COVID-19 in order to utilize Eden’s services and premises in person


WAIVER OF LAWSUIT/LIABILITY: I hereby forever release and waive my right to bring suit against Slow and Steady LLC, dba Eden RV Resort (Eden) and its owners, officers, directors, managers, officials, trustees, agents, employees, or other representatives in connection with exposure, infection, and/or spread of COVID-19 related to utilizing Eden’s services and premises. I understand that this waiver means I give up my right to bring any claims including for personal injuries, death, disease or property losses, or any other loss, including but not limited to claims of negligence and give up any claim I may have to seek damages, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen.


CHOICE OF LAW:  I agree that this Wavier of Liability shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Florida law, and that if any of the provisions hereof are found to be unenforceable, the remainder shall be enforced as fully as possible and the unenforceable provision(s) shall be deemed modified to the limited extent required to permit enforcement of the Wavier of Liability as a whole.




Code of Conduct

Dress: We dress or undress for comfort at Eden RV Resort. Nudity is always welcome and encouraged, including at club functions. When you do dress, regular street clothes and wraps are appropriate.

Behavior: We promote recreationally oriented nudism. Lewd language, rude or personally demeaning speech or behavior will not be tolerated. Overt sexual behavior will not be tolerated.


Alcohol: Always exercise moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages. No glass in the Club Area.  


Children: Members and guests are responsible for their children’s behavior at all times and MAY NOT leave children unattended. Keep an eye on your small ones, particularly by the pool area. Children under 18 must be supervised at all times by an adult while in the pool area.


Check-Out Time: Check-out time is 11 am. Late check-outs may be available. Contact the front desk for availability. After check-out, you are welcome to spend the day in the resort at no additional charge, but your site or accommodation must be vacated.


Pets: Pets must always be on a leash.  Always clean up after your pet. Pets are never permitted in the Club Area or buildings. No Aggressive dogs, big or small. Certain breeds will require a meet and greet.


Photography: Photography is NOT permitted except by the express approval of the Eden Resort management and under the supervision of staff.


Pool: No swimsuits or other cover are allowed in the pool or hot tub area. Please shower with soap every time before entering the pool or hot tub. Running, diving or horseplay are not permitted. There is No lifeguard on duty, swim in the pool at your own risk.


Fires: No wood burning fires in RV Sites.


Quiet Hours: Be courteous to your sleeping neighbors between the hours of 11:00 pm and 9:00 am. (Monday through Thursday)


Radios: Do not play your TV or radio loud enough to disturb other guests. Personal radios with earphones are preferred. Personal music/TV devices may be used only with earphones in the Club Area.


Towels:  Always Carry a towel with you and always sit on your towel for sanitary reasons.


Wildlife: Florida has a wide variety of plants and animals, some of which may be dangerous. Never ingest the berries or fruit of an unknown plant. Do not feed squirrels or other wild animals. We have Gopher Tortoises on the property, an endangered/protected species.  DO NOT disturb them in ANY WAY. IT’S THE LAW. The fines for doing so will make a vacation in Monaco seem cheap!


Admission Policy

  • Eden Resort has a non-discrimination policy: singles, couples and families are all welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or disabling condition.

  • Registered sex offenders will not be admitted.

  • Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Background checks are required for all members and guests.


Other Rules to be aware of:

  • Any behavior or activity that disrupts the harmony and tranquility of the resort is not permitted.

  • Overt sexual behavior is not permitted. If anyone’s behavior offends you, please report it to the management immediately.

  • Pool chaises and chairs cannot be “reserved” for an extended period of time.

  • Owners, renters, and club members are responsible for their guest’s behavior and daily membership fees. Fees must be paid upon entering the Club Area.

  • Scheduled events and activities are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

  • There are NO refunds or credits for canceled, suspended, or revoked memberships or rentals.

  • Solicitation of any business or any service on the resort grounds is prohibited.

  • Carrying a firearm or other deadly weapon on one’s person in the resort is prohibited.

  • Please obey the 10-mph posted speed limit while on Eden Resort’s property.

  • All guests are responsible for keeping their site or space clean and free of clutter.  Tow trailers and car dollies may not be stored on your site.

  • Your rig, tow or towed vehicle, and personal belongings must remain within your site.  Do not park in empty sites.


YOUR behavior is the determining factor in the length of your stay at Eden RV Resort; your visit and/or membership may be terminated with or without cause at any time.




I understand the rules and rental conditions upon which I am renting RV site(s), accommodations, equipment and using the rest of the associated property and use of the swimming/bathing facilities.  The sole responsibility for my safety lies with me.  In agreeing to this, I acknowledge that outdoor and water activities and exposure to the natural elements and animals can be dangerous and sometime result in injury and even death.  Water facilities contain inherent risks, animals and insects can threaten and infect or injure, exposure to the elements can cause hypothermia, sunburn, among other risks inherent in participating in camping, outdoor and water activities.  Alcohol and/or drugs do not mix safely with any outdoor activity.


I certify that I am over the age of 18 (and assume responsibility for those in my charge under the age of 18).  I hereby assume all legal responsibility for bodily injury to myself or any other person and property as a result of my visit to Eden RV Resort and use, operation or possession of equipment hired or loaned to me.  Acknowledging this, I accept complete responsibility for myself and the minor children in my charge and visit Eden RV Resort and associated properties and engage in activities or events at Eden RV Resort at my own risk.


I will abide by the rules and accept the rental conditions:

  1. The property I rent will be returned in the same condition in which it was rented, and I will be responsible for all damage or loss that occurs during my rental period.

  2. I agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Eden RV Resort and its directors and officers, against all loss, damage, expense and penalty on account of personal injury or property damage to the undersigned or to any minor child or children in the charge of the undersigned, howsoever rising, whether by act or acts or failure to act of the employees or animals of the said company or not.

  3. I acknowledge receipt of the property in good order and condition and further agree that Eden RV Resort and its board of directors, officers and staff shall not be liable for consequential damages of any kind or nature from whatever cause arising, whether property or equipment is loaned or rented.

  4. I freely enter into this agreement with Eden RV Resort at my own risk, acknowledging the risks inherent in outdoor activities and assume any and all responsibility for myself and the minor children in my charge.

  5. All parties agree to and will comply with Federal, State and County pollution laws and any other applicable laws and regulations.


Terms & Conditions may change without notice.

Revised May 25, 2021

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